High Power Accessories:

Nomarski NIC or DIC 

NEW Bright Field only objective lenses. These are Long Working Distance, Achromatic Objectives.

These are replacements for the Mitutoyo Bright Field only, long working distance, objectives. These lenses will fit into an Olympus BH2 or later infinity corrected nosepiece. These will not fit into a Nikon BF/DF Nosepiece - infinity or non infinity corrected systems.

5X     Working Distance 44.5mm  N.A. 0.13 P/N - 70-015 $490.00
10X   Working Distance 34mm     N.A. 0.28 P/N - 70-016 $945.00
20X   Working Distance 31mm     N.A. 0.29 P/N - 70-017 $1275.00
50X   Working Distance 20.5mm   N.A. 0.42 P/N - 70-018 $1725.00
100X Working Distance 12.5mm   N.A. 0.55 P/N - 70-019 $2750.00

We can also supply NIR Objectives 10X,20X,50X.

Used Microscope Objectives - Extensive inventory of used Objective lenses for Nikon and Olympus Microscopes

C mount camera mount options new C Mount CCD and CMOS Microscope Color cameras with Image Analysis software.

Stands and Stage: NEW Microscope Stands that will handle 6- 12 inch Round Substrates. These stands have other options such as auto nosepiece turret configurations or Z Stand configurations.  Microscope Stages are standard 4″ up to 12″ manual Stages. 

Wafer Loaders: Custom configured wafer loaders as well as reconditioned Nikon or Olympus wafer loaders.

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