M2 Associates Inc offers New Metallurgical and New Stereo Zoom Microscope systems for the Semiconductor, Research, University and related High Technology marketplaces.

All of our new microscope systems are fully supported with service and parts.

New High Power Microscopes:


Representing new microscope systems from FeinOptical, Unitron and other OEM’s. These systems offer excellent performance at a cost savings over more well known OEM brands.

We also carry accessories for High Power Microscopes

New Stereo Zoom Microscopes:

M2 Associates Inc, offers our Z45 series of Stereo Zoom. The Z45 series has become an industry standard Stereo Zoom and it is widely used in all Stereo Zoom Inspection applications. We offer Binocular and Trinocular configurations.

Our research research grade Zoom microscope is our PZ series. This is a Parallel Zoom microscope.

View a Gallery of our Stereo Zoom Microscope Systems.... here

Stereo Zoom Accessories - We have all the standard accessories, such as:

Auxiliary Lenses
Trinocular Ports with C Mount Adapters
Fiber Optic and LED Light Sources
Boom Stand, Flex Arm Stands, etc

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